We’ve compiled answers to the questions we hear most frequently, if you still have questions about our Salt Lake City TV ad and video editing packages don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and give us a call or write an email. We’re more than happy to help.

What if I want something different from your packages?

MacVid is a full service Salt Lake City video editing and TV ad production company. Call us and we’ll look after your needs.

Can you edit stuff shot on my phone?

Absolutely, we can edit footage from just about anything.

I only want photo or video, not the full package.

Not a problem, give us a call and we will invoice you over the phone.

What kind of videos can I request?

Anything and everything, you just can’t upload more than 45 minutes of raw footage. See the rest of our guidelines on the bottom of our home page. 

How do you know how I want my content?

Every client of ours gets a questionnaire to fill out before work begins. 

Can I choose my music?

Yes, you can upload your own music but you must own the music or a license to use it. We can provide you with a catalog of legal music to browse through upon request.

Do my packages roll over to the next month?

No, each month we start fresh. 

What if I don’t like the content turned into me?

We always offer some free revisions. If you would like to change something, we will make those changes so you can be happy with the result.

How do I get my product out to you?

Once you purchase a one time production or subscribe to a monthly plan a project manager will reach out to you with further instructions. 

Can you provide thumbnails?

Yes, thumbnails are available upon request.

Is my product safe?

Products are photographed upon arrival in order to document the condition product was recived. MacVid is not responsible for any damages. 

How long are my files kept?

Files are kept 60 days after last month of business then perenently deleted. 

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