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Caskey Documentary

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Portable Charger

Branding, Product,  Promotional

Teeth Whitening Testimonials

Branding, Business, Social Media

Willy Wonka Musical

Entertainment, Events

Behind The Scenes

Fitness, Promotional

Teen Mentor

Coaching, Branding, Non-Profit

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How MacVID Works

Embody Your Passion. From the initial creative whiteboarding to the post-production steps – our Salt Lake City TV commercial and promotional video production company has a process that will work for you.

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As a wise man once said,“ with great power comes great responsibility.”

We recognize your need to powerfully send a message and the power video has to send that message. Such power in the wrong hands is useless. We strive every day to ensure we are capable of harnessing that power for your benefit. Whether for personal or commercial use, our Salt Lake City TV commercial and video production team can help you Embody Your Passion. Our success depends on the happiness of our clients. Thank you for trusting MacVid! Please take a look at some of the TV commercials and promotional videos our Salt Lake City studio has made for our clients.

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